1. Neđo Đurić, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Dijana Đurić, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Civil engineering Subotica, Serbia

Waters in contact with salt rocks do their dissolute to the extent where it can come to a complete disappearance of salt rock layers. Movement of underground waters can be natural or directed by human for the purpose of exploitation of salt water. Natural process take place gradually through geological history, so occurrences that happened due to such process do not have greater significance on terrain surface nor are noticeable. At artificial directing of underground waters movement occur phenomena with significant consequences on terrain surface.
Dissolution of salt rocks creates new geological environment, that depending from accompanying rocks can be cracked or karst, mostly cracked karst. There are no significant data in literature about existence of karst in salt rocks, although many authors say that with dissolution of salt rocks occur the creation of larger cavities, ie empty spaces. Process research of terrain subsidence due to salt water exploitation on deposits of rock salt in Tuzla, defined zones of salt rocks dissolution during natural movement of underground waters that differs from artificial directing of underground waters. Duration of one or more periods characterizes development of karst process. First is called old (ancient) salt karst, and the second contemporary salt karst.
Development of karst process was different depending from the aggressiveness of underground waters, smaller during their natural movement, and significantly larger after their directing. Size of created empty spaces as a result of rock mass deficit due to dissolution of salt rocks is determined from specially constructed diagram for those purposes.

Key words: salt karst; salt; cracked and karst zone; diagram

Thematic field: Geološke djelatnosti i ekonomika mineralno-sirovinskog kompleksa

Date: 12.09.2017.

7th Balkan Mining Congress

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