1. Nevad Ikanović, Elektroprivreda BiH, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Amira Švraka, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Edin Lapandić, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Sabid Zekan, University of Tuzla, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Landscape as a natural composite of soils, rocks and plants together with artificial impacts is very destroyed around mining locations. However, mining companies has to rebuild landscape after miningoperations; it is not possible in practice. The most significant artificial impact is subsidence. It is a three-dimensional displacement of surface massif above the underground mine. As a result of this displacement, the compressive and tensile deformations occur in the massif. On the terrain surface, the foundation structure, more rigid than soil, is exposed to significantly larger stress due to deformations in the soil. The intensity of the stress depends on rigidity of both, the surrounding soil and the structure.

Soil-structure interaction in mining landscapes is not always depended of subsidence. It is very often pseudo-mining damages on structures. But, in subsidence processes of a massif, foundation structure is exposed to passive pressures of soil, whose course of action depends on type of soil deformation. The foundation structure is elongated by tensile deformation of soil. Also, in other zone, the other foundation structure is pressed by compressive deformation of soil. In addition, type of foundation structure and soil’s geotechnical parameters affect the intensity of passive pressures.

On the other side, open pits impacts to structures with decomposition of natural stress state. Landslides around open pits and soil deformation impacts to rigid structures by passive pressures.
For instance,the cause of damage may be landslide, poorly executed building construction, earthquake, etc.The most difficult task is to distinguish the mining from pseudo-mining damage.

Key words: landscape; subsidence; interaction; foundation

Thematic field: Logistički procesi i ekološki efekti

Date: 13.09.2017.

7th Balkan Mining Congress

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