1. Dusan Jankovic, Grad Prijedor, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Miloš Janković, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The cycling street is designed so that cyclists are visually dominant, and motor vehicles must act as a guest. They look like wide bicycle paths that allow traffic and motor vehicles. Legally speaking, it's a street for mixed traffic. The solution focuses on the main cycling routes on quiet local streets.
The paper emphasizes the importance of cycling infrastructure for the development of cycling in traffic.
Recommendations for the design of bicycle streets, the stated advantages, weaknesses and alternative solutions in relation to cycling participants in the traffic are defined. Recommendations are based on experiences and research of developed countries and can be applied on roads in the Republic of Srpska.

Key words: bicycles;routes;guidelines;safety

Thematic field: Bezbjedniji učesnici u saobraćaju

Date: 20.10.2018.

VII Međunarodna konferencija Bezbjednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici

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187 - 196

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